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From the Co-President, Jackie Bauer King ('67)

From the Co-President, Jackie Bauer King ('67)

Posted - March 28, 2023
Co-President’s Column
    Spring has sprung! Or at least it is desperately trying to in the PNW. Trees are starting to bloom, and nothing seems to hold back the daffodils. It’s a hopeful time of year and summer is just around the corner.
    I want to start out by thanking a couple of retiring class reps who have committed years of volunteer service to the LLAA.
    Toni Meicho McCormick has represented the class of 1954 for many years. She has always stayed in touch with her classmates and done a wonderful job of organizing reunions and writing an informative Totem II column. We wish her all the best!
    I cannot thank Marie Bloyd Avis (1969) enough for all she has done for this organization. Marie has been the President, Totem II Editor, and the 1969 Class Rep. It’s because of Marie asking for help with the Totem II (many years ago), that I got involved in the LLAA. Marie has always had a positive, upbeat attitude. She has been the “spark plug” for her class and this organization. We appreciate all she has done for the LLAA. Blessings for the future, Marie.
    A big shout out to our Loyal Lynx who continue to renew their LLAA memberships (and those that become new members!). You make it possible for us to continue publishing the Totem II and cover our minimal operating expenses. Go to Alumni Login click here to renew/join.
    In addition, we really appreciate your Scholarship Fund donations – large or small – that allow the LLAA to offer annual scholarship awards to both deserving graduates of LHS and lineal descendants of LHS graduate students. Your Board of Directors made a change to the deadline for the Scholarship Applications and moved it up to April 15th!! See the Scholarships tab click here.
    Remembering when…”Those Were the Days.” Your All Class Luncheon committee is hard at work organizing this year’s luncheon on Saturday, June 10, at the Nile Shrine Center. Please register early. You will note that mail-in registrations, accompanied by a check, are $38/pp, however, if you choose to register online and pay by credit/debit card, the price is $40/pp to cover our LLAA processing fees. All registrations go up to $45/pp after May 31 and paid at-the-door. We are looking for Silent Auction items!! Remember this supports our Scholarship Program. AND we need volunteers! All additional information, forms, and registration can be found under Events click here.
    As alumni, you have an opportunity to support activities or just stay in touch with what’s going on at Lincoln. Their sports programs are strong and competitive. Now their music/drama programs can perform in their new auditorium. You can check out their calendar by accessing Lincoln’s website:          
or you can use their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LincolnSeattle. Also, the students at Lincoln have developed an online newspaper, the Lincoln Log: https://lhslog.com/.
    I am so appreciative of those individuals that continually “show up” and engage in the ongoing business of our alumni association. In order to keep this organization moving forward, we must have more volunteers! It is unreasonable to expect the same group to continue in their administrative roles of running the alumni organization, year after year. We are at a disadvantage with Lincoln being closed for almost 40 years…no new alumni to fill the gap. Right now, especially for a school with a 40 yr. closure, we probably have one of the most organized, active alumni associations. However, IT TAKES A VILLAGE! Please consider the minimal amount of time it takes to support your alumni association. (We need Class Reps for 1949, 1951, 1954, 1959, 1971, 1976, 1978).
    My second two-year term as President (now Co-President) is up the end of this year. I will be retiring and only taking on a supportive role within the organization. You will be electing a new President in October. We need strong leadership; someone with a vision of what this organization can be and where it’s going. Who will that be? If you want to have a say, get involved.
     “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Enjoy your spring and summer!
    See you at the luncheon!!
    Jackie Bauer King (’67)

LLAA Board of Directors Meetings

Posted - September 11, 2023
At these meetings, the LLAA Board discusses and votes on the business of the Association. The LLAA Board consists of the Representatives for each Lincoln High alumni class, the Executive Committee, and the Standing Committee Chairs (see About Us tab). All members are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Some Board meetings will be conducted via Zoom. The Zoom app can be downloaded to your computer for free. All meetings are on Saturdays. Please email LLAA Co-President, Jackie Bauer King (’67) at jackie_king@comcast at least two days prior to scheduled meeting to receive the Zoom invitation.

LLAA 2023 Meeting Schedule and Minutes
    🜹 Executive Committee Meeting: January 14, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom)  Meeting Minutes click here 
    🜹 Board Meeting: January 21, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) Meeting Minutes click here 
    🜹 Board Meeting: February 18, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) Meeting Minutes click here
    🜹 Board Meeting: March 18, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) Meeting Minutes click here
    🜹 Board Meeting: April 22, 2023 - 10:00 am Fremont Dock Company (click here for address)
      Meeting Minutes click here
    🜹 Board Meeting: May 20, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) Meeting Minutes click here
    🜹 Board Meeting: June 17, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) Meeting Minutes click here
    🜹 Executive Committee Meeting: August 26, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom)  Meeting Minutes click here      
    🜹 DATE CHANGED Board Meeting: SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom) (formerly September 16)
    🜹 Annual Business Meeting (elect President): October 21, 2023 - 10:00 am Northgate Public Library
10548 5th Ave NE, Seattle
    🜹 Board Meeting: November 18, 2023 - 10:00 am (Zoom)    

Lincoln High Website and Facebook

Lincoln High Website and Facebook

Posted - March 27, 2023
Visit Lincoln High's website and Facebook pages: click here for the LHS website and click here for LHS Facebook page. These are great information sources to keep you informed of all Lynx student activities with pictures of the events. Catch up with the student newspaper, the Lincoln Log recently published by the students of Seattle's Lincoln High click here.

Wallyhood Website!

Posted - February 13, 2016
Click HERE and see what's happening in the 'hood!